Microalbumin in Urine and its Diagnostic Importance

What is Microalbumin?

Article written and distributed by: LifeSADX


As the name suggests, microalbumin refers to extremely low concentrations of protein (albumin) and is found in everyone’s urine. The kidneys filter blood of all waste products and subsequently hold onto all healthy components – albumin included. Albumin is used by the body for cell growth and tissue repair.


Your body requires albumin to function properly and therefore the detection of albumin in urine (a waste product) is cause for concern. If the kidneys have been damaged, they may not be able to retain the necessary albumin and it will spill over into the urine. The presence of albumin in urine is referred to as Albuminuria.


Albuminuria is used as an indication for kidney damage or disease. A doctor will therefore perform a microalbuminuria test on a patient that is at risk or suspected of having kidney damage/disease. The confirmation of microalbuminuria is used as a prognosis for diabetes, hypertension and other complicated kidney disorders. The early detection of microalbuminuria and subsequent treatment may prevent or delay further kidney damage and advanced disease. It is therefore used as an extremely important screening tool/diagnostic test by healthcare providers worldwide.


Microalbuminuria tests are performed by collecting a small volume of urine in a container and testing the urine using a dipstick with scientifically formulated colorimetric pads which change colour according to the varying concentrations of albumin present in the urine sample.

LifeSADX has specifically developed a urine dipstick test for microalbuminuria which includes the detection of microalbumin as well as an additional parameter, creatinine, which increases the accuracy of the result as it provides a ‘normalisation’ value for each urine sample. The Test-it™ mALB is a unique product that provides users with results within 60 seconds. It is easy-to-use, requires no additional equipment and comes with an interactive table for easy interpretation of results. The Test-it™ mALB dipstick is able to detect a minimum of 10 mg/L albumin in urine.


The presence of albumin in your urine is measured in mg/L and a value of less than 30 is considered normal. Weak positive results may be exacerbated by other factors such as recent physical activity, the presence of blood in your urine as well as certain medication. Therefore, a single positive test should always be confirmed with a repeat test and a follow up consultation with a healthcare professional who will ascertain the need for a blood test and/or implement more severe measures to be taken.


The Test-it™ mALB dipstick is manufactured and distributed by LifeSADX. The product is listed with the US FDA and conforms to the requirements os the European In Vitro Diagnostic Directive – hence the product carries the CE mark. If you are interested in a quick, affordable and highly accurate dipstick test for microalbumin in urine, then please contact the LifeSADX team which will gladly send you more detail. Any and all enquiries regarding this product may be directed to the company here.