Urinalysis for Animals


Through many years of expertise in producing of urinalysis test strips, LifeSADX has developed unique urine test strips for the veterinary field. These tests strips differ from the normal “human” range and are specifically adapted for veterinary application. Amongst others, the buffer components for some parameters have been adapted for use with animal urine.

Test-it™ 7V

The Test-it™ 7V product is intended for use with canine and feline urine. It cannot be used on human urine or urine from other animal species. One of the most important features of this product is that it measures the albumin/creatinine ratio in canine and feline urine. This offers the ability to detect microalbumin in a rapid, affordable and very accurate way that has not been available before. The pH sensing dye has been changed so that it is now possible to detect pH across the range from pH 5 to pH 9 in increments of 0.25.